Top five marketing automation tips


Dec 20, 2016 • Sheri Johnson • Blog

Marketing Automation

If you’re a B2B marketer seeking ways to boost the success of you marketing automation efforts, take note. Here are five tips to streamline the process and enhance your results.

  1. Collaborate with your sales team. The ability to measure results makes marketing automation a beautiful thing for those of us wanting to show ROI. To ensure success in this area, you’ll want to work with your sales team from the get go to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to defining lead scores and tracking the buyer’s journey through your funnel.
  2. Polish your list. Keeping your list(s) accurate and up to date seems like a lot of work. And it is! But the quality of your list correlates directly with your opportunities for success. Regularly review, add to, update and purge your lists to ensure you’re reaching the right people with your content. Even though it takes time and energy, building your list from scratch always works best.
  3. Make it personal. Your automated emails should feel personal to the recipient. Skip the fancy templates and make sure they come from a real person. B2B success is built on relationships, so you’ll achieve more if you invest the time and energy to write compelling, relevant and personalized content.
  4. Orchestrate your messages. While nearly 70 percent of the B2B buyer’s journey taking place online, offline marketing can be overlooked. Don’t let this happen. Make sure your thought leadership messaging becomes part of your presentations, direct mail, collateral, etc. Time things so buyers don’t get inundated from different areas of your organization. Message consistency and pacing, regardless of the medium, ensures buyers understand your point of view and the value you bring to the table.
  5. Test your automated flows. Streamlining your email marketing with automation only works if your flow works. It’s critical to test your flow before you deploy it, ensuring it smoothly segments and sends the right content to the right people at the right time. Automation is beautiful when it works.

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