The declaration of powerful content


Jul 04, 2017 • Tricia McKim • Blog

Content Creation

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, the team here at Morningstar Communications embarks on a new blog series focused on best practices in marketing and communications.

Like our forefathers before us who blazed a new path and birthed our nation, we’re declaring our freedom. Our freedom to denounce bad content.

As we look at the DNA of powerful, relevant and impactful content, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

All content is not created equal: Depending on the recipient’s stage in the buyer’s journey, different content formats resonate more effectively. Read Sheri Johnson’s post for more information.

Content for contents sake is simply noise: How does your content fit into your overall strategy? Does creating, posting and promoting your piece help you achieve business goals? What need does the content address for your audience? Write content with value in mind.

The best content spurs action: Every piece of content you write should have a purpose. What do you want people to think, feel and do after they read your piece? When you write with these three things in mind, you create content that propels your readers to act.

Simple, jargon free, recipient-oriented content wins: Content that sounds like it was written by a human and gives the “so-what” resonates. Check out my post on creating key messages for a more in-depth look.

Your promotion strategy is as important as your content: It’s not enough to simply write good content. You must promote it across multiple channels.

By incorporating these truths into your content creation process you can create powerful content. So, declare your independence from bad content and share your content truths with us on social media.


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