Storytelling through social media


Nov 17, 2015 • Paige Kauffman • Blog

Social Media

The power of a story is as old as the art of storytelling itself. For years, stories have transported us to destinations beyond our dreams, from magical castles to distant cities. We’ve explored the vastness of space and the depths of the sea. We’ve celebrated the victories of our favorite heroes and heroines, and shared their disappointments if failure is met.

Stories continue to welcome us with open arms, weave us into their arcs, propel us forward and make us advocates of their tales. Although characters now represent more than the people involved in a plot, storytelling is no less relevant in today’s world than it was a thousand years ago.

Modern storytellers harness the age-old power of a good story and disseminate it across all applicable channels, including social media. Every business has a brand and every brand has a story. The following tips will effectively help your business and brand navigate the social-sphere through storytelling.

Maximize your space restrictions:

J.K. Rowling took us on a magical journey in no less than a million words spanning seven books. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t lend itself to such plot development, which means today’s social wizards need to put on their own “Sorting Hats” and determine the most efficient way to convey their messages.

In social media, there may not be time and space for once upon a times, but that doesn’t make the power of storytelling any less impactful. Keep your posts short, simple and recipient oriented.

Here’s a road map for the ideal length of your various social media posts. Remember, the most shared and liked social media content keeps messages simple and short. Limit you Facebook posts to 100-140 characters and keep your tweets within the 120-130 character range. It should come as no surprise that shorter posts get 23 percent more interaction, according to BufferSocial.

Utilize visuals:

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s true, so why not amplify the limited space you have to grab your audience’s attention with visual storytelling? Photos and videos allow your business to grab attention on platforms where many voices are vying to be heard.

Looking for examples of top-notch visual storytelling? Social Media Examiner shares five examples of companies that champion the process.

Invite your audience to supplement your story:

The best thing about social media is it’s a two-way street. From sharing user-generated content to creating unique hashtags, there are many ways to interact with your followers and invite them to contribute to your story.

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