Round-up: Boost your business acumen with industry resources


Jul 11, 2017 • Morningstar Communications • Blog

Marketing Trends

The marketing and communications landscape shifts quickly. Every day there are new trends and technologies that change how marketers connect with their target audiences and create results.

To remain on the up and up, it’s important to stay apprised of the latest best practices. One way to accomplish this is to key into industry publications that share news and tips for finding success in a quickly changing industry.

If you’re looking for resources to boost your knowledge of the latest marketing and communications trends, check out a few of our team’s favorite options:    

Content Marketing Institute: This group always has great articles on timely topics related to creating and deploying content. The Content Marketing Institute provides a wealth of research about the buyer's journey and how various industries use content marketing to achieve their business goals.

The Wall Street Journal: Eric Morgenstern says, “Early in my career one of my mentors asked me if I knew the difference between a ‘craftsperson’ and a ‘counselor’? He went on to explain, ‘craftspeople write well; counselors know what to write.’ That has always stuck with me, as our firm continues its focus as a ‘generalist’ agency, helping clients in multiple industries.”

By reading and learning from the WSJ, our marketing and communications advice is always grounded in current business thinking and trends. This helps ensure we are both craftspeople and counselors. If you want to help your business leaders, speak their language.

PR Daily: This resource offers a wealth of information and tips about public relations, but also dives into grammar and editing (all things us word-nerds love!). Additionally, PR Daily frequently shares crisis articles, which often feature a well-known organization and what they did or didn't do in the midst of a crisis. There's always good learning that can be applied. 

Hootsuite’s Blog: Make Hootsuite your go-to guide for everything social media. From templates for social media calendars to tips for amplifying your content, this site shares resources and best practices for several social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and more. Additionally, each month, Hootsuite shares a round-up of the social media news you need to know, so you can remain up to date on the latest changes in the social realm. Paige Kauffman says, “When it feels like each social media platform is constantly changing, Hootsuite keeps me in the know. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and tactics it shares.”

Harvard Business Review: This resource provides information on communicating effectively, leadership, management, organizational culture and more. There are always informative articles about navigating the workforce through effective communication skills.

ANA SmartBrief on Marketing Leadership: If you’re looking for a quick overview of the most important and innovative things that are happening in the industry, then the ANA SmartBrief on Marketing Leadership is the resource for you. It includes breaking news, as well as updates on marketing strategy, creativity and marketing innovation, marketing insights and trends, and more.

What is your preferred resource? Share it with us on social media.


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