Selecting the best marketing automation model


Apr 18, 2017 • Tricia McKim • Blog

Selecting a marketing automation platform can seem daunting. Not only do you have a variety of platforms to select from – Act-On, Marketo and Pardot to name a few – but you can select between joining an agency account or purchasing your own.

If you’re working with a marketing agency to provide strategy, content and deployment for your marketing automation campaigns, chances are they have an agency account with a marketing automation platform (MAP) provider. For example, at Morningstar Communications, we offer our clients seats on our Act-On platform.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into marketing automation and are seeking advice on whether to join your agency’s account, or purchase your own, here are a few of the benefits of each to help make your decision.

Pros of Joining an Agency Account

  • The cost of entry is often lower when you join your agency’s platform.
  • If your agency will manage your campaigns from soup to nuts, this model gives them the ultimate visibility and flexibility to implement a successful campaign.
  • You don’t have to learn a new program. Your agency has you covered and can quickly set up your account under their agency model.

Pros of Purchasing Your Own MAP account

  • When you purchase your own account, you gain greater control. You maintain your lists, have access to all automation materials, etc.
  • Should anything ever change with your agency relationship, an account transition will be avoided. Though it’s important to note that an account on an agency model can be transitioned off, if needed.

No matter what path you take, your MAP will allow you to better connect to the people who matter most to your business at the right time, moving prospects through the buyer’s journey. With either model, an agency partner can provide you with the strategic and tactical support you need to make marketing automation work for your business. From designing campaign flows, to crafting copy, to deploying your campaigns and keeping sales apprised, a marketing automation partner can leverage their platform knowledge to help you succeed.


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