Future Visioning: A process for creating your story


Aug 01, 2017 • Paige Kauffman • Blog

Integrated Marketing Communications

The old saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” doesn’t exclusively apply to individuals – it also impacts businesses. How your company tells your story directly influences how your target audiences think, feel and act toward your brand. It’s key to put your best foot forward and deliver consistent, compelling messaging across all channels.

To pave the road for success, it’s essential to clarify your message and gain a deeper understanding of the people who matter most to your organization. At Morningstar Communications, we believe in Future Visioning™, a proven five-part program that delivers a clear picture of where your organization is today and provides actionable steps for you to achieve your business goals.

An integral part of the Future Visioning process is developing your key message platform to best tell your brand story. Your key messaging serves at the cornerstone of your integrated marketing communications program, the DNA of your brand, the essence of what you want your audience to think about you.

When creating your key message platform, keep the following tips in mind:

Prepare both overarching and audience-specific messages: This allows you to tell your story appropriately to the right people at the right time. In doing so, your position of excellence will be told consistently and effectively across all your marketing and communications activities.

Create recipient-oriented messaging: We say it all of the time, “It’s not what you want to say. It’s what they need to hear.” You must have a deep understanding of your customers. One way to gain these insights is through voice of the customer research. As Laura Boyd said in a recent blog, “Research provides an in-depth, first-hand look into the wants, needs, opportunities and challenges facing customers. Additionally, it allows companies to uncover insights about their customer relationships and identify how to better serve them.”

Use simple, concise language: Did you know Americans spend nearly 11 hours per day consuming media, according to Nielsen? It’s key to understand your audience is inundated with messages, so make it easy for them to digest what you are saying. Avoid jargon. Implement a conversational tone. Make your audiences want to learn more.

Making a great first impression can help your company land a new client, boost brand awareness, expand business and so much more. Take the first step toward building your brand story today by learning more about Future Visioning and reaching out to us directly.