Expand your reach: Integrate social media into your MAP program


May 09, 2017 • Laura Boyd • Blog

Marketing Automation

We live in a 24x7 world where anyone, at any time, can share their thoughts, experiences and opinions with a global audience with the simple push of a button. Social media is an incredible tool and one that should be incorporated into your marketing automation campaigns. Here’s why:

It allows you to get a 360 view of your audience. Marketing automation platforms, like Act-On, provide unique functions like Social Listening. Through social listening, you can easily discover and track the conversations the people who matter most to your business have via social media, no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. This leads to a deeper, more well-rounded view of your audience. You can then provide them with the information they’re interested in and be viewed as a knowledgeable resource. 

It leads to deeper connections. A successful marketing automation campaign is one that ultimately wins business or drives a desired action. Connect with your audience in a deeper, more meaningful way by incorporating a dynamic social media strategy into your MAP program. Utilize the platforms your audience prefers and engage with them. Ask questions, provide answers, share thought leadership pieces, demonstrate your business’ core values and more to highlight your position as a brand that welcomes deep connections with its audience.

It provides an inside look at your competitors. Want to know how your business compares to your competitors? Start by looking at their social media practices and engagement. Marketing automation platforms have insight functions that allow you to seamlessly monitor your competition and view how your social outreach stacks up against other brands.

It broadens your reach. Social media allows you to expand your reach in ways no other medium can. Ensure you truly reach your audience how, when and where they are by incorporating social media that mirrors your MAP campaign. For example, when an email goes out, so does a social media post on the exact same topic. Your audience is not only more likely to see your content, but they are also more likely to share it with their own networks, thus further expanding your reach. 

When planning your next MAP program, integrate social media into your mix for a broader reach and a better understanding of the people who matter most to your business. Not sure where to start? Drop us a line! We’d be happy to chat. 


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