Best practices in mobile content


Jun 27, 2017 • Sheri Johnson • Blog

Marketing Trends

These days, mobile is king. The majority of users now consume content on a mobile device, with app usage rating as the highest in terms of how users consume information. Take a look at these five tips to help ensure your mobile content hits the mark and engages your target audiences.

1.     Start with a content marketing strategy. It’s important to define the goals, objectives and outcomes you expect from your mobile marketing initiatives. AppSumarai recommends taking these steps to ensure your strategy is on target, engages your audiences and achieves your desired goals.

2.     Consider how people consume mobile content. When viewing content on mobile, remember the screen size, but also what people will be doing with your content. Sarah Bauer with Navigator Multimedia provides some interesting insights with her five tips.

3.     Remember when it comes to search, mobile is different. While not particularly recent, these SEO tips for mobile still offer some good guidance for optimizing your content for mobile.

4.     Make your email mobile friendly. We often focus on ensuring websites and apps are mobile friendly, but it’s equally important with email. At least one third of email is read on a mobile device, according to Litmus in its “State of Email” report in March of 2017. This article in Relate offers seven great tips to keep in mind.

5.     Know things will change. Keeping up with change makes mobile one of the most challenging spaces. Staying on top of trends and anticipating what’s next is key not only in mobile, but in content marketing in general. Here are five mobile trends AdAge anticipated for 2017. How many still ring true now that we’re halfway through the year?

As you read this on your mobile device, give some thought to what might make a better user experience and consider incorporating it into your own mobile content marketing.


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